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Dabur Ashokarishta: Rakhe Khayal Apna Bhi

Client Profile

Leading woman health tonic brand of India

Concept & Execution

Socio Mind conceptualized and executed a unique and purpose-driven health awareness campaign for our esteemed client, Dabur India Ltd.

With the help of Socio Mind, free health camps were organized in 100 Pink Police Stations for the Pink Brigade team across Lucknow, Gorakhpur, Allahabad and Varanasi, where renowned Gynaecologist from the city advised them on various health issues related to women.

In the pandemic, it is noticed that there is a huge gap in male vs female vaccination ratio, especially the women vaccination ratio is very low. There are a lot of common misconceptions for taking Covid-19 vaccination amongst women like pregnant women should not be vaccinated, vaccine affects the fertility etc. These Gynaecologist cleared all the misconceptions and made them aware on the importance of vaccine.

The initiative was thoughtfully named as ‘Rakhe Khayal Apna Bhi’ because women are so busy in taking care of their family that they don’t prioritize their health.


Social Outcome

  • Touched more than 50,000 women through this noble initiative

Marketing Outcome

  • Created brand engagement with lakhs of people
  • Built brand reputation for contributing to a noble and thoughtful cause

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