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Dabur Chyawanprash: Seva Ko Salaam

Client Profile

Leading FMCG brand in India.

Concept & Execution

Socio Mind took up a noble initiative of ‘Seva Ko Salaam’ for a leading FMCG brand in India.

The whole nation was taken aback when the pandemic had struck common lives and businesses. But, amidst the disruption, we had some brave hearts that selflessly came out for the rescue of the public. They helped the citizens of Delhi tirelessly to attain security and safety.

Our FMCG brand is associated with immunity and wanted to create brand awareness by doing something for these brave hearts.

Socio Mind came up with a campaign that made the policemen feel good and motivated for their efforts. We installed a platform that recorded good wishes and appreciation messages. 1 lakh+ signatures were received as a sign of gratitude from the public.

Social Outcome

  • Policemen felt appreciated and motivated
  • They worked more towards ensuring safety and discipline in Delhi

Marketing Outcome

  • Created brand engagement with lakhs of people in Delhi
  • Increased brand visibility

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